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99+ Popular Parts of a House | Rooms in Your House

99+ Popular Parts of a House | Rooms in Your House

This is a list of well-categorised, popular parts of a house, in which, we shared with you the most common and important ones that you need as an English learner. Each part is provided with a picture, brief definition and an example to help you comprehend its context. If you live in a country where English is the dominant or spoken language, you definitely can’t dispense this vocabulary, as you might need them in many situations. especially, if you plan to buy a new house, or simply, if something happened in your house or an electrical device malfunctioned, and you want to repair it.

Parts of a House


  1. Chimney

A pipe or channel which let the smoke pass off from the fireplace.

Ex: The smoke of the factory’s chimneys belched over the town


  1. Heater

A device which often exists in the living that is used to warm the room.

Ex: our heater is broken, we need to fix it soon because winter is coming.


  1. Ceiling Fan

A type of fan that is placed on the ceiling to cool the room from above.

Ex: It is too hot in my town, so we keep our ceiling fan on all day.


  1. Air Conditioner

A device that is frequently used in the summer in tropical areas to cool down the room or vehicle.

Ex: Unfortunately, we can’t keep the air conditioner on all day, because of its high consumption of power.


  1. Fire Escape

A set of ladders exist outside the house. These stairs are used to escape if a fire starts to ignite the house.

Ex: We used the fire escape to survive when a fire broke out in our house.


  1. Elevator

A platform exists in the buildings. It is used to raise people to high floors or to lower them down to low floors.

Ex: My mom always uses the elevator, because of her old age and our house that is located on a high floor.


  1. Attic

A room that exists high on the roof of a house, which is often used as a storage room.

Ex: In my childhood, I used to hide in attic when we play hide and seek.


  1. Den

A room in the house that is typically used to do activities other than work. These activities involve watching TV or reading a book.

Ex: I always enjoy watching TV in the den.


  1. Mudroom

A small room or entryway where people take off their outer clothes and shoes.

Ex: My mom always scolds me, when I enter the house without taking off my shoes in the mudroom.


  1. Powder Room

A toilet in a house that is intended for the use of guests.

Ex: My mom has the custom of cleaning the powder room every day, because we usually host many visitors.


  1. Basement

The part in a building that is below the first floor where such items as the furnace, water heater, breaker panel or fuse box are found.

Ex: The basement was the scariest place for me when I was a child.


  1. Radiator

A type of heater located at the side of a room that warms the room. It consists of a bank of thin tubes or metal pipes.

Ex: All family members don’t leave the radiator on winter days.


  1. Roof

The outer layer or structure that exists on the very top of a house.

Ex: My cat is badly injured because she fell out of the roof on Sunday.


  1. Roof Tiles

A flat slab consists of baked clay that is used in covering the roof.

Ex: I like the shape of the new roof tiles of our house.


  1. House Plant

Any plant that is planted indoors.

Ex: My sister has plenty of house plants that she takes care of.


  1. Hallway

A corridor or passage that exists at the entrance of the front door of a house. It leads to the interior part of a house.

Ex: The hallway of my uncle’s house is so terrific. I always hear strange sounds in it.


  1. Buzzer

An electrical device exists outdoors, which people use to contact the inhabitants of a house in order to make them open the door for them to in.

Ex: I keep ringing the buzzer, but no one opens the door.


  1. Poster

A large printed picture or sheet that is used as decoration in a house.

Ex: I stuck a poster of my favourite series on the wall of my room.


Living Room Vocabulary


  1. Carpet

Something made of fabric that is used to cover the entire floor, to make it softer when people walk over it.

Ex: Red is my favourite colour, so I purchased a red carpet and placed it in my room.


  1. Rug 

A piece of thick heavy material, Just like carpet, it is made of fabric, but the difference is that it doesn’t cover the entire floor.

Ex: My young brother vomited on the rug and polluted it.


  1. Sofa/Couch

A large, soft seat with a back and arms, usually meant for one or several people to sit on.

Ex: My dad always sits on his comfortable sofa, reading his newspaper when he returns from work.


  1. Coffee Table

A low table that is usually placed in a sitting area. People often use it to put drinks, remote control and other small stuff or items on.

Ex: I ordered a new coffee table online, But it has arrived broken.


  1. Side table

A small table is placed beside the sofa for books and small items or stuff.

Ex: I used to put a bottle of water on the side table when I sleep.


  1. Television / TV

A device that contains a large screen which displays shows and news. People often use the Tv for their entertainment in the living room.

Ex: My son is so addicted to watching TV all day after he returns from school.


  1. TV Stand

The thing or piece of furniture that is used to place the Tv on.

Ex: Our precious television has fallen out of the TV stand and has broken.


  1. Fireplace

A hearth at the base of a chimney is used to ignite the domestic fire which is used to warm the house.

Ex: There is an ancient fireplace in our living room.


  1. Fire Iron

The long instrument or equipment which is used to tend the domestic fire.

Ex: We bought a new fire iron, because the old one was broken.


  1. Firewood

The wood that is used to ignite the domestic fire in the living room.

Ex: I went to the forest with my father, to gather firewood for our fireplace.


  1. Futon / Sofa-Bed

A type of sofa that can be unfolded to become a bed to sleep on. People often use it when they make a sleepover night.

Ex: My friend slept over in my house, so I had to unfold the futon for him to sleep on.


  1. Bean bag

A small bag or chair that is filled with dried beans or polystyrene beads.

Ex: I have a really comfortable bean bag that I always rest on.


  1. Speakers

A device that is used to produce and amplify sound by converting electrical signals into sounds.

Ex: My friends and I held a small party, so I brought my speakers with me.


Bedroom Vocabulary


  1. Bed

A piece of furniture that people use at night to rest.

Ex: My brother always lies on his bed, when he feels sad.


  1. Twin Bed

Two beds that match each other, in which, each one is large enough for one person.

Ex: My parents have a twin bed in their room.


  1. King-sized

The largest type of bed is enough for two people.

Ex: I dream of having a king-sized bed in my room.


  1. Bunk

A piece of furniture that consists of Two beds stacked on top of each other.

Ex: My brother and I sleep on a bunk.


  1. Mattress

The fabric case that is filled with soft or springy material. It is placed over a bed to sleep on.

Ex: I purchased a new mattress for my bed.


  1. Blanket

A large woollen piece or other similar material that is used to cover yourself at night for warmth.

Ex: My blanket doesn’t warm me well on a winter night, so I bought a new one.


  1. Duvet/comforter

Something thicker than a blanket is used instead of it to cover yourself. It is filled with feathers or synthetic fibre.

Ex: My parents bought a new pillow and duvet for me.

  1. Pillow

A bag of cloth filled with feathers or smooth materials. It is used to lie your head on when you sleep.

Ex: I can’t sleep at night, without lying my head on a double pillow.


  1. Pillowcase

A piece of cloth that is used to cover a pillow.

Ex: I purchased a new pillowcase that has the picture of my superhero posted on it.


  1. Lamp

An electrical device is used to light a room.

Ex: I always turn off the lamp when I sleep.


  1. Nightstand/bedstand

A small table placed right next to your bed. People often put books or a lamp on it.

Ex: I laid some books on my bed stand.


  1. Closet

A large wardrobe is used for the storage of clothes.

Ex: My closet is full of old clothes. Maybe I should buy new ones.


  1. Dresser

A piece of furniture contains drawers and a mirror that are used to store clothes and some other stuff.

Ex: I hid my watch from my old brother in my dresser.


  1. Vanity

A piece of furniture that is about a table with drawers and a mirror. It is often used for doing make-up.

Ex: I always watch my sister while she does her make-up on the vanity.


  1. Window

A hole in the wall fitted with glass. Its main function is to let people see outside and let the sun shine get through it into the room.

Ex: Some children broke the window, while they were playing football.


  1. Window Frame

A wooden frame that supports the glass of a window.

Ex: I would like to install a new window frame because the current ones seem old.


  1. Windowpane

The glass part of a window.

Ex: Sunlight always shines through the windowpane.


  1. Curtain

A piece of material that is hung on a window. It is usually used to cover the window from sunlight.

Ex: Lax drew the curtains and turned the light on.


  1. Coat Hangers

A piece of furniture that is shaped like a person’s shoulders. It is used to hang coats and jackets on.

Ex: I always hang my jacket on the coat hangers.


  1. Alarm Clock

A device placed on the nightstand is used to wake up in the morning.

Ex: I always set my alarm clock at 10 am. 


Office Vocabulary


  1. Desk

The piece of furniture that is specifically used for studying or doing office work.

Ex: I use my desk to put my school books on.


  1. Bookshelf/bookcase

A piece of furniture in which the books are stored.

Ex: My bookshelf is full of useful and scientific books.

  1. Drawers

Storage exists in the desk, which is used for storing different stuff.

Ex: I took a book and a pen from my desk drawer.


  1. Chair

A piece of furniture that is set beside the desk, and which people use to sit on.

Ex: He sat on his chair, watching TV, eating chips and wasting his time. 


  1. Rocking Chair

A type of chair that can rock back and forth.

Ex: We purchased a rocking chair for my grandma.


  1. Grandfather clock

A tall pendulum is enclosed in a wooden case, and which stands on the floor on its own.

Ex: Our Grandfather clock always rings at 6 pm.


  1. Picture Frames

A frame made to hold photographs.

Ex: I bought a new picture frame to put my family’s picture on.

  1. Desktop / PC

An electric device that is permanently placed on your desk.

Ex: I like playing video games on my precious gaming pc.


  1. Laptop

A small portable computer that is suitable for carrying while travelling.

Ex: I’m working on my new laptop.


  1. Outlet

A hole in the wall, in which phones and other electric devices are plugged in to charge.

Ex: I plugged my charge into an outlet to charge my phone.


  1. Extension Cord

A connecting wire that people use when the outlet is far to charge their devices.

Ex: The outlet is far, so I used an extension cord to reach it.


  1. Stationery

A term is used for office stuff.

Ex: I got a new collection of stationery.


  1. Globe

An object that is round-shaped, and which contains the miniature of the whole world.

Ex: I located my country on the globe.


Bathroom Vocabulary


  1. Sink

The device that people use to wash their hands on.

Ex: I washed the dishes in the sink.


  1. Faucet

A device that is shaped like a metal pipe which dispenses water.

Ex: I asked the plumber to repair my faucet because it was dripping.


  1. Mirror

A piece of furniture that reflects a clear image.

Ex: I watched my hair carefully in the mirror, while I was brushing it.


  1. Bathtub

A rectangular tub which you use to take a shower.

Ex: Unfortunately, my bathroom doesn’t contain a bathtub.


  1. Showerhead

A device that sprays water in a bathroom shower.

Ex: I struck my head on the showerhead, while I was taking a shower.


  1. Shower curtain

A waterproof curtain is made of a tarp. It hangs by the shower to prevent water from splashing from the shower.

Ex: The shower curtain was torn.


  1. Tiles

Rectangular pieces of ceramic, in which Many bathroom walls and floors are covered with.

Ex: I like ceramic tiles.


  1. Toothbrush

A small brush with a handle that is used to clean teeth.

Ex: I taught my young brother how to rightly use the toothbrush.


  1. Toothpaste

The paste is used as a cleaner to brush your teeth.

Ex: I’m going to buy a new toothpaste because the old one emptied.


  1. Floss

A string is used to clean between someone’s teeth.

Ex: I prefer using floss after brushing my teeth, because it reaches spots that a toothbrush couldn’t.


  1. Mouthwash

A liquid is used by gargling to clean your teeth and have a sweet breath.

Ex: I bought a mouthwash to make my breath fresh.


  1. Shampoo

The liquid you use to clean your head.

Ex: My shampoo has the beautiful smell of a banana.


  1. Conditioner

A liquid is used after taking a shower to make your hair shine and look smoother.

Ex: My mom often uses the conditioner after taking a shower.


  1. Soap/body wash

A substance used with water to clean your hands and body.

Ex: I have a special soap for my acne.


  1. Loofah

A round-shaped sponge that is used with soap to scrub your body to clean it.

Ex: I scrubbed my body using a loofah.


  1. Towel

A piece of cloth that is used to dry off the body after taking a shower.

Ex: I use a towel to dry off my body, after taking a shower.


  1. Towel rack

A piece of furniture that is used to hang the towel on.

Ex: My towel rack is made of wood.

My young brother broke the towel rack, after he forcibly pulled the towel off of it.


  1. Drain

A channel which the water runs out through.

Ex: my ring is stuck on the drain.


  1. Toilet

A rectangle-shaped device, which people use to urinate or defecate.

Ex: I’m going to clean the toilet.


  1. Plunger

A tool is used when the toilet becomes clogged to unclog it.

Ex: I need a plunger for my toilet.


Kitchen Vocabulary


  1. Cabinet

A cupboard with shelves or for storing keep your dishes and cups.

Ex: I picked a plate from the cabinet.


  1. Counter/countertop

A flat surface for your food preparation in a kitchen.

Ex: I cut the chicken breast into slices on a countertop.


  1. Oven

A device that contains a chamber used for baking, heating, or drying food.

Ex: I’m going to bake the pie in the oven.


  1. Stove/stovetop

Kitchen equipment is used for cooking or heating food. It operates by burning fuel or using electricity.

Ex: My pasta dish needs to be heated more.


  1. Burner

A device which produces heat as part of a cooker, stove, or furnace.

Ex: I went to a shop that sells electrical devices and bought a burner.


  1. Microwave

A small electronic device is used to heat up food or cook fast.

Ex: I brought some fast food that only needs a microwave to be prepared.

  1. Island

A piece of furniture with A flat surface on which food can be prepared. It is placed in the middle of a kitchen.

Ex: I always go to the island of the kitchen, when I cook food.


  1. Silverware

A general term for culinary equipment such as forks, knives, and spoons.

Ex: I went to the shop to buy some silverware.


  1. Utensil

A general term for any kitchen tool.

Ex: I need to purchase more utensils for my kitchen.


  1. Pot

A rounded container, typically made of metal, is used for boiling and cooking in general.

Ex: I always use my red pot for cooking.


  1. Pan

A container made of metal is used for frying or cooking food.

Ex: I often cook my fried chicken in a pan.


  1. Rice Cooker

An electric pot that is used for making freshly steamed rice.

Ex: Rice cooker, is the easiest way for cooking perfect steamed rice.


  1. Slow Cooker

An electric cooking pot that is used for cooking food very slowly, especially stews.

Ex: My slow cooker just broke.


  1. Toaster

An electrical device for toasting your bread.

Ex: I can’t live without a toaster, as I always use it for toasting bread for the breakfast.


  1. Toaster Oven

A sort of miniature in which food is toasted, heated, or cooked. A variety of food can be made on it, such as baked potato.

Ex: I told my friend about my new toaster oven.


  1. Blender

An electric device used in food preparation for liquidising, or to make drinks and smoothies.

Ex: I made a really delicious juicy drink using the blender.


  1. Whisk

A culinary tool is used to beat or stir a substance, such as cream or eggs.

Ex: My whisk is lost, now I can’t stir cream.


  1. Tongs

A culinary tool with two movable arms is used for picking up and holding food, instead of using hands.

Ex: I consider a pair of tongs the most useful tool in the kitchen for cooking.


  1. Chopsticks

An Asian culinary tool that consists of two wooden sticks.

Ex: When I travelled to japan, I learnt how to use chopsticks.


  1. Fridge

An electric device is used to preserve or chill food at a cold temperature.

Ex: The fridge is empty, it contains no food.


  1. Magnets

A small decorative magnet is put on the sides of the fridge.

Ex: My son always brings magnets and places them on the fridge.


  1. Freezer

A refrigerated cabinet that freezes food or keeps them at a very low temperature.

Ex: Freezer is essential for some food not to rot.


  1. Minifridge

A small refrigerator is commonly found in college or dormitory rooms.

Ex: I didn’t find any minifridge in my hotel room.


  1. Groceries

A general term for food and other items that you purchase from a food store or supermarket.

Ex: I went to the supermarket to buy some groceries for the house.


  1. Garbage Disposal

An electrically operated device is installed or attached to the waste pipe of a kitchen sink for shredding up food waste.

Ex: Our Garbage disposal is broken, we need a new one.


  1. Rubbish Bin

A container that is used to throw waste on.

Ex: My father bought a new rubbish bin that is coloured purple when he finished his work.


  1. Bread Box

A special container where bread is stored.

Ex: I stored bread in my bread box to go for a picnic.


  1. Plates

A flat circular dish where food is put and eaten.

Ex: We need some pairs of plates because our son broke several ones.


  1. Cups

A small container with a handle that is used to drink beverages.

Ex: I only drink my juice in my favourite set of red cups.


  1. Mug

A large cup is specifically used to hold coffee, tea and other hot drinks.

Ex: I bought a new mug because the old one is broken.


  1. Dish Soap

A liquid soap that is used for cleaning dishes and other Utensils.

Ex: We don’t have any dish soap left, we need a new one.


  1. Sponge

A piece of a soft absorbent substance is used to scrub soap on your dishes to clean them.

Ex: My child tore the sponge I use for the dish wash.


  1. Dishwasher

A special electric device that washes dishes automatically.

Ex: I hate to wash the dishes manually, so I always use the dishwasher.


  1. Stool

A seat higher than usual without a back or arms, typically resting on three or four legs.

Ex: I purchased a new stool from the shop near me.


Dining Room Vocabulary


  1. Dining Table

A table on which food and dishes are served and eaten in a dining room.

Ex: The family and I gathered at the dining table for eating dinner.


  1. Placemats

A small rectangular table that is placed underneath a person’s dining plate. It is used to protect the table from the heat of the plate and food.

Ex: The spot on the table that is underneath my plate is burnt, because I forgot to place a placemat under my hot plate.


  1. Coasters

A small mat that is placed under a bottle or glass, in order to protect the surface of a table.

Ex: I bought beautiful coasters that have the picture of a cat printed on them.


  1. Centerpiece

An ornament object is placed in the middle of a dining table for decoration.

Ex: My mom always buys a new centerpiece when she goes shopping.


  1. Candles

A stick-shaped piece of wax with a wick that is placed on a table for a romantic dinner.

Ex: My husband bought new beautiful candles that are coloured pink.


  1. Chandelier

A large, decorative, special set of lights that hangs from the ceiling with branches for several light bulbs or candles.

Ex: I saw an astonishing chandelier, that I’ve never seen before, when I went to my rich cousin’s house.


Areas of a House


Front entrance


  1. Front Door

The main entrance to a house that visitors usually knock on when they visit your home.

Ex: A cat entered my house from the front door.


  1. Doorbell

A bell is placed on the outside of a house which you can ring to let the people inside know that you arrived.

Ex: I changed the doorbell to a new one, because the old one was hard to hear when someone rings it.


  1. Welcome mat

A small sort of rug that is placed by the door of a person’s house, for guests to step on and wipe their feet on their arrival.

Ex: My mom forgot to place the clean welcome mat, when our guests came out.


  1. Porch

A covered entrance that is projected in front of a house.

Ex: My sister planted some new plants and flowers on the porch for future visitors.


  1. Porchlight

A sort of light that is placed on or above a porch.

Ex: I bought a new porchlight to hang on the roof of the porch.


  1. Mailbox

A metal box into which mail or letters are delivered, especially one mounted on a post at the entrance to a person’s house.

Ex: I have a new letter arrived in my mailbox.


  1. Lock

Equipment that is used for keeping the front door fastened to protect your house.

Ex: I need to buy a new lock for my front door, because the old one seems broken.


Garden Vocabulary


  1. Fence

A barrier made of wood or wire that surrounds and guards the perimeter of your home.

Ex: I think buying a fence is a good idea to increase the protection of our house.


  1. Gate

An entrance in a fence which you can pass through.

Ex: My dad is thinking of placing a gate on our fence.


  1. Lawn

A wide area of grass, either in front of or behind your house.

Ex: My sister always takes care of the lawn outdoors.


  1. Lawnmower

A machine for cutting the grass on a lawn, when they grow a bit long.

Ex: The grass looks like it grew long, I think it’s time to cut using the lawnmower.


  1. Garden

A piece of ground outside a house, where grass, flowers, and shrubs may be cultivated.

Ex: I always keep my children playing in the garden, instead of playing indoors.


  1. Vegetable Patch

A small part of the garden where vegetables are grown.

Ex: My dad and I are preparing a new vegetable patch in the garden.


  1. Sprinklers

A device that is placed in your garden to water your grass regularly.

Ex: When we were lying on the ground of our garden, sprinklers automatically turned on and wet us.


  1. Hose

A flexible tube conveying water to the grass in your garden.

Ex: I prefer watering grass using hose, instead of letting sprinklers do the job.


  1. Shed

A simple roofed structure used to store garden items, ladders, and bikes, or as a workshop.

Ex: My dad stores the garden tools in the shed.


  1. Garage

A building for housing cars and other vehicles.

Ex: When I grow up, I want to store all types of vehicles in my garage.


  1. Driveway

A private short road that gives access from a public road to a house.

Ex: My friend’s car was parked in the driveway.


  1. Shovel

A tool consisting of a wide blade that is used for moving coal, snow, or other material.

Ex: I hit my younger brother with a shovel by mistake, while I was working in the garden.


  1. Snowblower

A motor-driven machine that removes fallen snow from pavement or a road.

Ex: When the snow has fallen, I saw my neighbours using a snowblower to remove the snow out of the front side of their house.


  1. Rake

A long-handled garden tool consists of a row of metal or wooden teeth. Its main function is to move leaves out of the way during autumn.

Ex: I broke my rake, while I was using it to remove the gathered leaves in autumn.


  1. Swing

A seat hung by ropes or chains, where someone may sit and swing back and forth. It often accounts for the entertainment of children.

Ex: My kid loves his new swing that I recently hung in the garden.


  1. Treehouse

A small fort is built in the branches of a tree for the kids to play in.

Ex: I built a new treehouse in my garden, for my children to play in.


  1. Patio

A paved outdoor area adjoining a house where you can sit and relax.

Ex: I like sitting and relaxing on the patio of my house.


  1. Firepit

A dug-out area or an open container made from stones, for keeping a fire used for cooking or warmth.

Ex: My dad knows how to concrete firepit in the right way.


  1. Gravel

Very small fragments of stones, often mixed with sand that covers the driveway.

Ex: We built a gravel path in our driveway.


Laundry Room Vocabulary


  1. Washer

The machine whose function is to wash clothes.

Ex: I put my dirty clothes in the washer.


  1. Dryer

A machine used for drying laundry.

Ex: After my clothes are finished washing, I put them in the dryer.


  1. Detergent

A liquid type of soap that is specifically made for clothes wash.

Ex: Our detergent is empty, now we need a new one to wash our dirty clothes.


  1. Laundry basket

A basket for holding dirty clothes before washing them.

Ex: I bought a new laundry basket while I was shopping.


  1. Clothesline

A length of rope or string where washed clothes are hung to dry.

Ex: I hung my clean wet clothes on the clothesline.


Lax and Lilly are couples, they live a very humble and ordinary life. In this short dialogue, you will read a short conversation between these couples, as they are debating their today’s activities. Notice the use of some of the vocabulary we learnt above, this will greatly help you to understand and memorize them, in addition to knowing their context and when and how they are used.

Lax: Good evening Lax

Lilly: Good evening Lilly

Lax: How was your day honey?

Lilly: It was good, I did the domestic duties in my house today. I washed the clothes on the washer, cleaned the dining table in the dining room, and cooked some food in the kitchen.

Lilly: What about you? How was your work?

Lax: It was good. But I have so much work to do tomorrow, the manager wants me to stay late at night. so, I guess I’m going to sleep early today, because I have to wake up at 8 am. Thanks to my comfortable bed that makes me sleep really fast. Especially, the soft and high-quality mattress that is made of fabric.

Lilly: Oh, this sounds great! But you forgot to mention the new soft pillow and blanket that I bought recently, they are made of high-quality material.

Lax: Yeah for real, they are just incredibly comfortable.

Lilly: Hey dear, I think we need a new bedstand, because the current one is about to break.

Lax: Ok honey, don’t worry, I will purchase a new one tomorrow, after finishing my work.

Lilly: Thanks very much and have a good night my dear.

Lax: You’re welcome, have a good night too honey.


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