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50+ Foods That Start With A (with pictures)

50+ Common Foods That Start With A 

In the following article, we provided you with a list of different types of foods that start with the letter A, in which, you as an English learner, would need to learn for many situations or conditions, for instance, if you are out at a restaurant, looking in the menu and deciding what to order or you are at the market picking up stuff. so, for such situations, we collected the most common foods that start with A for you to learn.

  1. Almonds [countable]

Edible nuts that have brown skin and which taste sweet and are used in many foods or simply eaten raw as a snack, flavoured or roasted.


  1. Abacha [uncountable]

A type of salad that originated in Southeastern Nigeria, it is made using sliced cassava root along with fish, crayfish, Ugba and some other ingredients.


  1. AALSUPPE [uncountable]

A northern German soup that is made mainly using eel, vegetables and some other ingredients such as herbs and dumplings.


  1. ACHIOTE PASTE [uncountable]

A Mexican flavorful paste that is made by mixing annatto seeds, cumin, pepper, coriander, oregano, cloves and garlic.


  1. ACHU [uncountable]

An African soup that mainly consists of boiled cocoyams and red palm oil.


  1. ACKEE [countable]

A bright red West African fruit that is used as a vegetable in cooking. it is also called Ackee apple, Achee, Akee, Ankye, or Ayee.


  1. ACORN SQUASH [uncountable]

A delicious winter squash vegetable that is covered with green-coloured skin from the outside, and is yellow or orange from the inside. It is served as an appetiser stuffed with foods like meat, rice or vegetables.


  1. ADAI [uncountable]

An Indian pancake that is made with mixed lentils, rice and spices, and which is usually eaten at breakfast or as a snack.


  1. ADE [uncountable]

A sweet cold summer drink. The term Ade is originally a slang term used for sweet juice.


  1. ADOBO [uncountable]

A Filipino dish that consists of marinated vegetables, meat or fish in vinegar and soy sauce-based.


  1. ADZUKI BEANS [countable]

A type of edible bean that is round and dark-red coloured, it could be cooked and served as a delicious dish.


  1. AFANG [uncountable]

A vegetable soup that originated in Africa. It consists of the leave of Afang with the addition of some ingredients such as water leaves, onion, seasoning, fish, crayfish, periwinkles, or meat.


  1. AIOLI [countable, uncountable]

A French sauce or mayonnaise that is made using garlic, egg, and olive oil.


  1. AJIKA [uncountable]

A hot spicy sauce which originated in Georgian-Abkhazian. Therefore, this sauce is made using hot chile peppers, garlic, walnuts, and lots of fresh herbs such as coriander and dill.


  1. AJVAR [uncountable]

A sauce that originated in Serbia and contains red bell peppers and oil as its essential ingredients. It either tastes sweet or very hot according to the variation you have.


  1. Apricots [countable]

A small edible fruit that is coloured yellow or orange and has a large seed inside it.


  1. Asparagus [uncountable]

A long thin edible vegetable that is bright green-coloured and has a sweet taste when it is cooked.


  1. Artichoke [countable]

A round green vegetable that has leaves that could be eaten after cooking.


  1. Arborio rice [uncountable]

An Italian variety of short-grain rice, when this type of rice is cooked it became firm, creamy and chewy compared to other varieties of rice.


  1. Alfalfa [uncountable]

A green-coloured plant that has leaves and purple flowers and is commonly used to feed farm animals or livestock.


  1. Amaranth [countable, uncountable]

A group of species of grains that some of them are cultivated as leaf vegetables, pseudocereals, and ornamental plants.


  1. Apple [countable]

One of the most common foods that start with A. It is a round sweet fruit that is green or red-coloured from the outside and yellow from the inside, and which has small black seeds inside it.


  1. Akara [uncountable]

An African Fritter dish, specifically Nigerian, that is made from bean flour and is usually served at breakfast or as a snack.


  1. ALBACORE [countable]

A large-sized fish in the tuna family which people have as a prefered delicious dish.


  1. ALBÓNDIGAS [uncountable]

A meatball soup that originated in Spain. It is made by mixing garlic, broth and some other herbs with ground beef or turkey and rice.


  1. ALEWIFE [countable]

A North American small fish in the herring family that people commonly eat either salted or smoked.


  1. ALLSPICE [uncountable]

Unripe brown berries that could be used as a whole or ground to make a spice that is used in various kinds of baking and cooking.


  1. ALFREDO SAUCE [uncountable]

A delicious white cream sauce that Americans favour a lot, as It is made from butter, heavy cream, and parmesan cheese.


  1. ALHEIRA [uncountable]

Originally a Portuguese sausage that is made by mixing meat, bread and garlic.


  1. ALPHABET SOUP [uncountable]

A type of soup that is made with ground beef and pasta that is shaped like the alphabet letters.


  1. AMALA [uncountable]

Nigerien flour that is made using Yam flour combined with water.


  1. AMBROSIA [uncountable]

A fruit salad made of oranges and shredded coconut and some other ingredients such as sour cream.


  1. AMCHOOR [uncountable]

A fruity spice that is made from unripe green mangoes, in which, it is used as a citrusy seasoning that is mostly produced in India and Pakistan.


  1. ANCHOVIES [countable]

A small forage fish that you can find in the grocery store, specifically, in the canned section near tuna.


  1. ANTIPASTO [uncountable]

Typically an Italian appetiser that is made with cured meats, fresh cheeses, and some few herbs.


  1. APPAM [countable]

A South Indian pancake, in which, its batter is made with fermented rice and coconut milk.


  1. AGUACHILE [uncountable]

A Mexican dish that is made with shrimp or scallops or by mixing them together with the addition of some ingredients such as cilantro, cucumber, and onion.


  1. ARANCINI [uncountable]

rice balls that are stuffed and coated with breadcrumbs.


  1. AREPA [uncountable]

A type of cake that is made using ground maize dough.


  1. ARRABIATA [uncountable]

An Italian spicy sauce that is specifically used for pasta, and which is made from garlic, tomatoes and dried red chilli peppers cooked in olive oil.


  1. ARROZ CON HUEVOS [uncountable]

Which means rice and eggs in English, is originally a Spanish breakfast dish which is made by mixing fried eggs and rice with some other ingredients such as garlic and pepper sauce.


  1. ARUGULA [countable, uncountable]

An edible leafy green vegetable known for its fresh, tart, bitter, and tasty peppery flavour which makes it lovable for several people to use as a good addition in many salad recipes. Moreover, it is also called colewort, eruca, rocket, salad rocket, garden rocket, Italian cress, Rucola, Roquette, Rucoli, or Rugula.


  1. ASIDA [uncountable]

A Moroccan dish that consists of a wheat lump of dough made with sorghum, red millet, or corn, sometimes added with butter or honey.


  1. ATCHAR [uncountable]

Originally an Indian pickled food which is made by preserving different fruits and vegetables in brine, vinegar, or edible oils, in addition to various Indian spices.


  1. ATTIÉKÉ [uncountable]

An African appetiser that is made of cassava and is popular in West Africa.


  1. Aubergine [countable]

Another common Vegetable that we didn’t forget to mention in the list of foods that start with a. It is a large vegetable that is purple-coloured and white from the inside. It is also known as brinjal and Eggplant.


  1. AU JUS [uncountable]

A French gravy that is commonly served with dishes to enhance the taste of food, specifically chicken, veal, and lamb. Therefore, Au Jus is a culinary term in french which means “with juice”.


  1. Avocado [countable]

While we are talking about foods start with A, we definitely shouldn’t forget to mention Avocado. It is a tropical fruit that is covered with hard or thick dark-green or purple skin and is light-green coloured from the inside, it also contains a large seed. However, avocado is common and used in many foods such as soups, desserts, different salads and sandwiches, and in several drinks such as smoothies.


  1. AVGOLEMONO SOUP [uncountable]

Originally a Greek soup which is made mainly from chicken broth, egg yolks, lemon juice and rice.


  1. ARROZ CON MAIZ [uncountable]

A delicious Latin American dish that is made by combining cooked rice and corn in one pot.


  1. ARROZ CON POLLO [uncountable]

A popular Spanish dish that is made of rice combined or married with juicy chicken, it is also closely related to paella.


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