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Food List | 99+ Foods Names in English (with Examples & Pictures)


Food List | 99+ Foods Names in English (with Examples & Pictures)

This is a list of foods in English that is well-categorised according to the types of foods, and each food is provided with pictures to demonstrate it to help you during your educational journey while learning English. You might need these words in different situations, for example, when travelling and talking with native speakers of English or when ordering your food at the restaurant, or simply when you are out to buy some stuff from the supermarket.

  1. Fast Food Vocabulary.

Fast food is a type of food that we will talk about in this list, and which is often provided in restaurants and is lovable to many people, and that is mainly because of its taste and its various and differentiated tasty dishes. This type of food is well-known for its easy and fast preparation.


Fish and Chips [uncountable]

A well-known hot dish that consists of crispy coated fish served with french fries. This dish is favourable for many people.


Hamburger [countable]

Hamburger is a sandwich that consists of two pieces of bread containing a patty of meat covered with melted cheese, with the addition of salad and some other ingredients that differ according to the country’s culture.


Fried Chicken [uncountable]

A dish that contains pieces of chicken meat coated in seasoned flour or batter and fried in a pan or any other fry equipment.


French Fries [countable]

Are considered a side dish. they basically consist of potatoes cut into strips and usually fried in a deep fryer.


Onion Rings [countable]

Serve as an appetiser that consists of a ring of onions that have been coated in flour or batter and fried.


Chicken Nugget [countable]

A dish that contains deboned pieces of chicken meat that have been coated with seasoned flour, battered and fried.


Taco [countable]

Originally a Mexican sandwich that consists of folded wheat-based tortillas filled with specific ingredients. It has many types and different recipes that it can be made of.


Pizza [countable, uncountable]

Basically, a dish that consists of flat leavened dough served with cheese, tomato and some other ingredients according to the type of pizza.


Hot Dog [countable]

A sandwich consisting of grilled or broiled sausage covered with a sliced bun.


Salad [countable, uncountable]

A simple and easy-to-prepare dish that serves as an appetiser and is made by mixing different types of vegetables or fruits according to the type of salad.


  1. Types of bread vocabulary

Bread is an edible good that is considered staple in the food list, which is made of wheat dough of flour and baked.


White Bread [uncountable]

Often referred to as bread made from wheat flour that has had the bran and germ layers removed (and set aside) during the milling or grinding process, resulting in a white-coloured flour.


Whole Grain Bread [uncountable]

A type of bread that is baked Using flour that has been partially or totally milled from whole or nearly-whole wheat grains. It is also known as wholemeal bread.


Rye Bread [uncountable]

A type of bread that is made using the flour of rye grain, it differs from other types in terms of the flour used in its baking, in which, most or all types of bread are made using wheat flour.


Hot Dog Bun [countable]

A type of bun that is made specifically to contain a hot dog or any sausage.


Hamburger Bun [countable]

A type of bread that is used specifically for the filling of burger ingredients.


Croissant [countable]

Originally a French bread that contains a dough that is rolled several times with specific techniques and filled with ingredients according to each type of Croissant. It’s widely known and most people use it in their breakfast or sometimes as a snack when they are out.


Swiss Roll [countable, uncountable]

A type of sponge cake filled with cream, jam, that is originated somewhere in central Europe.


Pretzel [countable]

A variety of baked bread made from dough that is frequently formed into a knot.


Donut [countable]

A type of bread that is made from leavened dough and coated in a batter. It has many flavours and each one is stuffed with specific fillings. Donut, in fact, is a popular food in many countries and favourable to many people.


  1. Fruits Vocabulary

Fruits are the seed structure form of a flowering plant. Fruits are variegated from sour to sweet and some of them are planted and flower in a specific season or time, and in a specific environment. otherwise, Fruits are used in many foods as they serve as good ingredients, and they could be found on farmlands and fields.


Apple [countable]

A round edible fruit that has red, yellow or green skin and is white from the inside. It enters many foods and drinks, for instance, the famous apple juice.


Orange [countable]

A sweet round juicy orange-coloured fruit that is branched from the citrus family. Orange is also known for its famous juicy drink that it can be made of.


Pear [countable]

A sweet fruit that is yellow or green-coloured, it’s narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.


Cherry [countable]

A small round sweet fruit that is either red or black-coloured and has a large seed inside it.


Nectarine [countable]

A round edible juicy fruit that is either coloured red or yellow with a large rough seed inside it.


Strawberry [countable]

A sweet edible red-coloured fruit that has seeds on its surface. strawberries are used in many delicious desserts and drinks.


Grape [countable]

A sweet round fruit that is either green or purple-coloured. it could be eaten fresh and, like other fruits, enter many foods and drink’ recipes.


Mango [countable]

A tropical fruit with red or yellow skin covering it and a large seed inside it. Moreover, Mango is considered the most well-known and edible fruit for Africans and especially Egyptians.


Blueberry [countable]

A small sweet blue fruit that is edible. It enters many drinks and foods as an ingredient that adds a sweet taste.


Banana [countable]

A worldwide known edible fruit that is long-curved and coloured yellow, and which has a sweet distinct taste.


Pomegranate [countable]

A red wide round fresh fruit that contains juicy edible seeds.


Plum [countable]

A small round juicy fruit which has either dark red, purple or yellow skin covering it and a single seed inside it.


Raspberry [countable]

A soft sweet red-coloured edible fruit or berry.


Kiwi [countable]

A small round brown-coloured fruit from the outside, and green-coloured from the inside. You can eat it fresh or make a drink of it.


Pineapple [countable, uncountable]

A large tropical yellow-brown delicious sweet edible fruit, It is featured for its use in many drinks and desserts. It can also be eaten fresh.


Watermelon [countable, uncountable]

A large round green-coloured sweet fruit that people prefer during the hot summer, it is featured in its ability to quench the thirst, as it contains a high amount of water.


Avocado [countable]

A thick green or dark purple fruit from the outside and green-coloured from the inside. It is widely known for its distinct taste, as it serves as an ingredient in many foods and drinks.


Mandarin [countable]

A small citrus fruit which is considered a distinct species of orange. In fact, its taste is sweeter and more effective than orange. Both of them are very close in shape and could be eaten fresh or, like some people, could make a juicy drink of them.


  1. Vegetable Vocabulary

Vegetables are plants that are considered a source of food for animals and humans alike, they are differentiated in their types and tastes. Nevertheless, Vegetables could be eaten fresh or raw or could be served as ingredients in human-cooked foods. In the following food list, We will provide you with the most common vegetable vocabulary that any English learner would need for several different situations, like, when being in the vegetable market.


Corn [uncountable]

A tall widely known vegetable or plant with large yellow seeds, it is featured for its delicious taste, in which, people eat it in many ways, some of them prefer it grilled, and some others prefer it boiled.


Mushroom [countable]

A type of fungi body with a round flat head and short stem, in which, some of its species could be eaten. Mushrooms are known for their beneficial use in many foods and dishes.


Broccoli [uncountable]

An edible green plant in the cabbage family whose large flowering head and small leaves are eaten as a vegetable.


Shallot [countable]

A vegetable that looks like a small onion, which is used in cooking food as an ingredient.


Cucumber [countable, uncountable]

A widely known long thin dark-green vegetable that is in frequent use daily in many side dishes or in several foods. 


Red Pepper [countable, uncountable]

An edible red vegetable that has a sweet and often slight citrus flavour. It could be eaten fresh or used in cooking.


Tomato [countable]

A red-round edible vegetable that could be eaten raw or used as an ingredient in different types of foods.


Rutabaga [countable]

A root vegetable that grows underground and whose leaves are edible. 


Carrot [countable, uncountable]

A long pointed edible root vegetable that is orange-coloured. it’s known for its sweet fruity taste. Besides, a Carrot could be eaten fresh or a drink can be made of it, It also enters many foods or side dishes.


Pumpkin [countable, uncountable]

A widely known orange-rounded vegetable that contains seeds inside it. It commonly enters many foods, as it serves as a good ingredient, providing a sweet taste.


Cabbage [countable, uncountable]

A large green-rounded edible vegetable with thick green or purple leaves. Its look is close to that of lettuce. However, Cabbage could be eaten fresh or used as an ingredient in many cookings.


Potato [countable, uncountable]

A white edible annual plant or root vegetable that is covered with brown skin. It is commonly used in many different delicious cooking and dishes. The most well-known dish (or side dish) that potato serves is the french fries. 


Eggplant [countable, uncountable]

An edible vegetable that has a smooth thick-purple skin that serves as an ingredient in many foods.


Turnip [countable, uncountable]

A root vegetable that is coloured in white and purple that grows underground, and which can be eaten fresh, as it serves in side dishes.


Onion [countable, uncountable]

A round white vegetable which is covered with brown, red, or white skin. It is commonly used as an ingredient in many foods.


Lettuce [countable, uncountable]

A round green-coloured annual vegetable of the aster family. It can be eaten fresh, but most people prefer using it as an ingredient in salad.


  1. Herbs & Spices Vocabulary

Herb is a type of plant that is used in cooking to improve its taste or to add a flavour to it. It also enters the production of medicine. Whereas, spice is a type of seed or powder that is exported from plants, and which is used in cooking to add a distinct taste, as it has a strong smell and taste.


Coriander [uncountable]

A herb whose leaves are used in cooking, and whose seeds are used in the production of spices.


Artichoke [countable]

A herb with small narrow leaves that has a good smell, and which is used in cooking.


Bay Leaf [countable]

The dried sweet-smelling leaf of the bay tree, which is used in cooking as a herb.


Mint [uncountable]

A green-coloured plant with a strong sweet smell that is used as a herb in cooking, it is also used in many drinks or simply put in a cup of tea.


Basil [uncountable]

A green-coloured plant that has a strong smell and taste, and which is used in cooking as a herb.


Clove [countable]

A black-coloured spice that has a strong sweet smell and is used in cooking.


Olive [countable]

A small round fruit that is coloured green or black, which could be eaten or make use of its oil.


Turmeric [uncountable]

A yellow powder made from an Asian plant, which is used as a spice in foods to give it a colour or special taste.


Garlic [uncountable]

A plant that has a looking close to that of Onion. It has a powerful smell and taste which is used in foods.


Ginger [uncountable]

A root with a strong-hot taste that is used in cooking as a spice.


Lemongrass [uncountable]

A type of grass that grows in hot areas which has a lemon taste and is used in cooking, especially, the south-east Asian foods.


Chives [uncountable]

Are the long-thin leaves of a plant that has the onion taste and which are used in cooking to give an extra taste.


Green Chilli [countable]

A type of pepper which has a green colour and could make a powder of, to use in cooking as a spice.


  1. Breakfast Food-list Vocabulary

Breakfast is the first meal you have in your day, in which, it is considered the most important meal. In this food list, you would be provided with a list of the most common breakfast foods that you need as a language learner, especially if you reside with the natives of this language.


Marmalade [uncountable]

A jam made of fruits like oranges, strawberries, etc, which is eaten on bread and is served at the breakfast.


Egg [countable]

A well-known food served at breakfast, as it could be cooked either poached or fried.


Burrito [countable]

Originally a Mexican food which consists of a tortilla folded and filled with meat or beans with the addition of melted cheese.


Porridge [uncountable]

A thick food made by boiling oats with hot milk or water and is usually served during breakfast.


Muffin [countable]

A small sweet brown or white cake that sometimes has small fruits in it.


Waffle [countable]

A smooth round cake that has the shape of small squares on the top. It is often eaten with cream or sweet sauce.


Pancake [countable]

A thin flat round cake whose dough is a mixture of eggs, flour and milk, and which is fried on both sides. Nevertheless, it is a lovable food at breakfast.


Toast [uncountable]

Slices of bread that have been heated and turned brown on both sides and are no longer soft. Otherwise, people usually spread chocolate or cheese on top of the Toast before they eat it.


Yogurt [uncountable, countable]

A liquid food that is made of milk and is often served cold and fruit-flavoured.


Cheese [uncountable]

A well-known dairy food that is often eaten at breakfast, it can either be solid or soft and its colour is either white or yellow. besides, it enters many foods and dishes, or we simply could make a sandwich of it, which is a frequent habit.


Cornflakes [uncountable]

A breakfast food that consists of small pieces of crashed-dry corn served with milk.


Sausage [countable]

A mixture of some ingredients like bread, meat and spice cut into small slices and cooked.


  1. Dinner Food-list Vocabulary

Dinner is the main meal of the day, it is often eaten in the middle of the day or at night. In the following food list, you would be provided with a list of common foods that people frequently eat at dinner, and which you might need for different reasons and in many situations, especially if you reside with the natives of this language.


Rice [uncountable]

A common dish or food that consists of small white or grown grains that you cook in boiled water until they become soft enough to eat.


Soup [uncountable]

A liquid food that is eaten before a meal, it is made by boiling vegetables, fish or meat.


Broth [countable, uncountable]

A thick type of soup that is usually served with meat or vegetable inside it.


Tossed salad [uncountable]

A large bowl that consists of a layer of lettuce mixed with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, carrots, radish, and optional ingredients.


Steak [uncountable, countable]

A food that contains a thick good quality slice of beef.


Fish [countable]

A well-known type of seafood that contains the soft edible parts of fish meat.


Pasta [uncountable]

Originally an Italian food that consists of slices cut into different shapes, which are made with flour, water and eggs, and is usually eaten with sauce.


Kebab [countable]

A food that is made of a mixture of small pieces of meal and vegetables, and which are cooked on a stick.


Omelet [countable]

A food made of eggs mixed and fried, with the addition of meat, vegetables or cheese.


Spaghetti [uncountable]

A type of pasta that is made in long thin pieces, and which is cooked by boiling it in water. like pasta, it is often eaten with spice.


  1. Drinks Vocabulary

Drinks are the liquids that humans consume, they are differentiated in their types, from cold to hot, from sweet to bitter tastes. In this list, we are going to provide you with the most-common Drinks that you, as a language learner, need to learn. Nevertheless, You might need this vocabulary in different situations, especially when ordering a drink in a country where the language you learn is the mother tongue for its people.


Lemonade [countable, uncountable]

A well-known sweet drink that is made of lemons, sugar and water mixed.


Coffee [uncountable]

A hot dark brown drink that has a bitter taste. People usually drink it before they begin their day, as it provides them with the needed energy to keep them energetic.


Tea [uncountable]

A common drink that is made by pouring boiled water into the dried leaves of the tea. It is usually drunk with sugar or lemon added to it.


Hot chocolate [countable, uncountable]

A known hot drink made by mixing chocolate or cacao into hot milk or water.


Milkshake [countable]

A sweet drink made of milk in a mixture of fruits or chocolate.


Juice [countable, uncountable]

A drink made by squeezing fruits or vegetables.


Orange juice [countable, uncountable]

A type of juice that is made of the liquid resulting from squeezing an Orange.


Milk [uncountable]

A white liquid produced from cows, which humans drink or use in many different foods.


Green tea [uncountable]

A light-coloured type of tea that originated in eastern Asia and is made from leaves that have been heated with steam.


Soda [countable, uncountable]

A sweet drink that contains fizzy water often mixed with fruit juice.


Iced tea [uncountable]

A cold or cooled form of tea sweetened by adding sugar and served in a glass containing ice.


Smoothie [countable]

A thick drink made of fruit or fruit juices often mixed with milk, ice cream or yoghourt.


Water [uncountable]

The uncoloured liquid that falls from rain and exists in the sea, lakes and rivers. It is also the source of living for all creatures on earth.


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