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15 Adjectives Starting with A to Describe A Person Positively (with Meanings & Examples)

15 Adjectives Starting with A to Describe A Person Positively (with Meanings & Examples)

Positive adjectives are the best way to describe someone positively. They give you a chance to show your appreciation for their qualities, and they also make it easier for others to see how awesome they are. If you want to use positive adjectives starting with an in your writing, here are some that will do just that:


Adorable is a positive adjective that starts with the letter A. It’s used to describe someone cute and sweet. You can use the word adorable to describe a two-year old child for instance.



“The lady is very adorable.”

“I have four adorable sisters.”


An astounding person is amazing. If a person does something, then it would be astoundingly awesome. For example, if a friend of yours was to go on their first-ever trip to Italy and they could find the perfect place to stay, that would be a fantastic experience!

It’s also suitable for describing things like buildings or artwork that are very large and impressive looking.



“Quincy has had astounding success as a painter.”

“The endless patience and hospitality of the people were astounding.”



Agreeable describes someone who has a nice, approachable and pleasant character.


“She has an agreeable personality.”

“I found him to be an agreeable teacher who is highly clever and has in-depth knowledge of the subject.”


Admirable is a positive adjective that means worthy of admiration. It’s an example of a word that starts with the letter A and ends with an -able. Admirable describes something admirable, such as “an admirable student.” You can use it admirably when you want to tell someone or something positively.



“His admirable behaviors made many elect him.”

“Due to how admirable she was, she got a perfect husband.”


Amusing is a positive adjective that means to cause laughter or amusement. It can also describe something funny or a person who makes others laugh. Amusing is an informal word, so it should not be used in formal situations.



“She is the most amusing person I know.”

“You are a very amusing guy.”


Awesome is a word that can describe who is extraordinary. It’s used to describe something outstanding, impressive, or surprising.



“I had an awesome weekend at the beach!”.

“Her awesome work was approved for national competition.”


Aesthetic is a positive adjective that describes something beautiful or pleasing to the senses. In this case, we’re using ‘aesthetic’ to describe someone who looks friendly. We might also use this word when discussing things like art or music that are aesthetically pleasing.



“That dress looks very aesthetic.”

 “The sky was so blue and aesthetic it made my heart ache.”


An artistic person has a talent for art, music, and other creative endeavors. The term can be used as an adjective or a noun. It’s also possible to describe yourself as artistic because you like to create things in your spare time. Being creative isn’t just about being good at creating beautiful works of art; it also means having the ability to see beauty in everything around us.



” He is a very artistic child.”

“I met an artistic lady today; she draws very well.” 


Attractive is one of the most common positive adjectives in English, and it means “appealing to the senses.” It’s used to describe physically appealing people: they have good looks and pleasant personalities. Attractive people are usually the center of attention, which makes them feel important.



“She is a very attractive woman.”

“I thought he was very attractive and intelligent.”


Amiable means friendly, pleasant, and easy to get along with. This can be good or bad, depending on how you use it.


If someone is amiable, they are generally happy to meet new people and talk about anything. They are usually easy to get along with but don’t take things too personally if someone does something wrong or rudely treats them in any way. They don’t take offense easily because they have a positive outlook on life!


“He is the most amiable person I’ve ever met.”

“Your wife is so amiable as to show me her pearl necklace.”


Approachable is a positive adjective. It means that someone is easy to talk to, friendly, and approachable. This is a good trait for a boss or teacher to have.


A person who is easy-going and patient will be more likely to listen to what their employees have to say because they won’t think it’s an inconvenience if they don’t get everything done right away.


” We found him extremely approachable.”

“I found the local authorities very approachable.”


Ambition means wanting something badly enough that you are willing to work hard until you get it. If someone has ambition, they will usually succeed in whatever they try because they have worked hard for their goal.



“Two ambitious young men created the company in the early 1900s.”

” Your plans for the future are so ambitious.” 


A word that describes someone as accomplished means that someone has achieved many things in their life. They are skilled at something and have achieved excellence in their field of work or study.



“He is an accomplished pianist. She is an accomplished athlete.”

“Tom accomplished what we thought he wouldn’t be able to accomplish.”


An adjective that describes someone as affectionate means that they like others very much, especially their parents and family members, and friends.  A person can also be affectionate if he shows his love for others by kissing or hugging them. He may also show affection by saying, “I love you.”



“He’s very affectionate towards his parents,”  “That child is very affectionate towards her mother,” or so on to describe this trait in a person’s personality.


The adjective astonishing describes something or someone that is beyond your expectations or imagination. It can be used to describe someone who has done something unique, or you can use it to describe the result of an unanticipated event.



“I was astonished when I saw how much money she made in her first week at work.”

“He showed an astonishing lack of concern for others.”


To expand on this celebration of positive adjectives, we have included the adjective’s roots, their meanings, and sample sentences to help you better understand them. To describe a person with words that are pure goodness can make you feel good. However, remember that you are also responsible for how others act and respond. So, choose wisely.


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